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Statement of responsibility

1. IS FORWARDED TO THE USER: 1.a) transmit or store any information, data or material that violates any federal, state or municipal law;
1.b) make available or store any copyrighted, copyrighted or copyrighted materials, including MP3, MPEG, ROM or ROM emulators, videos, distribution or disclosure of passwords for third party access, defamation of people or business, allegations considered dangerous or obscene, protected by state secrecy or other legal status;
1.c) promote or provide instructive information about illegal activities that promote or induce physical or moral harm against any group or individual;
1.d) make available, use or store any material that exploits in any way, children or adolescents under 18 years of age;
1.e) make available, use or store any material of a racist, neo-Nazi, antisemitic or any other kind that infringes on the moral integrity of third parties or groups of society;
1.f) transmit, store or disseminate any material related to hacking / cracking, including links to other sites with such content.
1.g) hosting illegal adult content;
1.h) use disk space and / or other server resources beyond the established limits;
1.i) install any type of unauthorized service in advance.
1.j) use programs or scripts that, for any reason, impair the normal functioning of the server, require excessive system resources or jeopardize the security of the server;
1.k) try, or effectively break the passwords or invade the websites of others, from an Infokap server. In this case, the applicable legal measures will be applied;
1.l) provide Infokap with false information, when requested, at any time of validity of this term of responsibility;
1.m) publish information that is contrary to the Infokap’s statute, or internal standards or resolutions;
1.n) store files, programs or scripts that allow hackers access to the system, or that are used at any time during any hacking activity;
1.o) hosting any other website (sub-site), of any nature, in the area intended for the archives of your site;
1.p) to back up files in the area destined for the site files, even if they are files of the entity that the site represents;

2.a) keep all of its registration data duly updated, under penalty of failing to do so, all notices and notifications sent to the addresses in said register shall be deemed valid;
2.b) inform Infokap of any change of site manager. Failure to comply with this item will imply attribution of responsibility for any events to the person in charge in the archives.
2.c) to respond to the programming and operation of your site in everything that is not connected to the hosting;
2.d) respect and comply with all clauses contained in this document.

3.a) ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the network, adopting with all users all necessary measures to avoid damages to the operation of the same;
3.b) provide technical support to the USER regarding configuration information for the publication of the pages. Technical support for the development or installation of HTML pages or CGI scripts, Perl, PHP, Java, MySQL or any other Internet development language, or even application operations such as Front Page, Dreamweaver, Flash or any other. The technical support is limited only to the pertinent issues to provide the service of hosting Web files itself (in cases of contraction only of hosting of Sites);
3.c) technical support will be provided during the administrative hours of Infokap, that is, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., by telephone (15) 98128-3019, Phone 15-3035-1948 and by e -mail;
3.d) inform the USER three (3) days in advance of the interruptions necessary for technical adjustments or maintenance that require more than four (4) hours of duration and which may cause damage to the operation of the hosted site, except in cases of urgency, so understood as that which jeopardizes the regular functioning of our network;
3.e) to install on the server updates of the programs of protection against the invasion by third parties (hackers), not being, however, responsible in the case of inevitable attacks by overcoming the existing technology in the market;
3.f) intervene as soon as possible in case of any problem that may interrupt the operation of the service.

4.a) In order to use the Site Hosting service, it is necessary to send Official Correspondence (Legal / Memorandum / Request) to Infokap, duly signed by the person in charge of the Organ, Set