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Facebook and Instagram


About our Service

Through search tools, we identify issues your target audience likes by developing an action plan for ads on your page, driving leads and converting to your business.

Fanpage is a specific page within Facebook or Instagram where associations, unions, companies, institutes, artists, freelancers and all types of individuals or legal entities can interact with your audience in the social network.

Digital Marketing X Facebook

Because it is a tool of continental reach, it can not be ignored, since social networks are already a consecrated reality. Being that, newspapers, great artists, sportsmen and multinationals do not give up that important vehicle of propagation of marketing and publicity.

In addition, Fanpages have imperative management tools, as well as marketing and advertising features that should not be anything to the big tech companies today. Polls, custom applications, reports, statistics, and other customizable features.

Do not leave your business out of this …


Your campaigns will appear in the news feeds of people who are interested in your product / service

Professional Profile

We manage your page, creating art, scheduling posts, organizing categories and information.

Groups Facebook

Weekly posting of campaigns in your public or private groups, based on targeted audience targeting.

Remarketing Lists

We develop campaigns for people who visited your site or page, so they can take action to acquire your product.